Wedding Photo Retouching

A wedding is an important life event of everyone’s life. So, the photos of such an event are expected to be gorgeous and glamorous. When you get all the photos from your wedding photographer after the wedding, you may need further retouching and photo editing to make your memories stand out. Again, if you are a wedding photographer, we have the cheapest solution for bulk image editing. Contact us for bulk order. Shawn Effect has introduced professional photo editing services for wedding photography. We have more than 5 years of experience in image editing business services and now we are focusing on helping wedding photographers, wedding planners, wedding decorators, online matrimonial websites etc.

  • Photograph Culling:

    Tensed about culling a large number of photos? Take our help to save your time and concentrate on other works of your photography business. Just send us your photos. We’ll edit carefully and send your photos shortly.

  • Photography Post Production:

    Photography post-production is the most vital parts of film-making, video editing, and photography. We are experts in providing post Production service for photographers, event management companies, wedding videographers.

  • Photo Retouching:

    High-end retouching service for wedding photos is here! Send your wedding photographs now. We will retouch them and send them back with a new look.We use pen tablet and photoshop for providing a great retouching service.

  • HDR Photo Blending:

    HDR is a great and new way to take photos and capture the world around us. HDR photo shoot in wedding enables us to capture the whole joyous moment in a single shot. We edit HDR photos of wedding at a reasonable price.

  • Removing & Changing Background:

    During wedding photography, sometimes you may have found that the image background is unsuitable. The whole image loses its attraction. To solve this problem, we have launched background remove service for wed-photos.

  • Remove & Add Object & People

    Adding or removing an object or person is an easy job. But you have to place them in a photo perfectly. We use photoshop to complete this task professionally.Send your instruction & we will edit photos exactly you need.

  • Color Correction & Editing:

    Choosing us for your color correction works means selecting the best company. After that, it is our turn to correct the color of wedding photos professionally. We use multi clipping path for wedding photos. Contact us now.

  • Photoshop Lightroom Photo Editing:

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom can ease the post-production work of wedding photographers. The service contains color balance change, removing red-eye effect, sharpening, reducing noise, converting to black-and-white & more.

  • Photo Album Creation:

    Photo albums can freeze the moments of happiness. We can edit and create stunning wedding photo album for you. Your satisfaction, our happiness. We are committed to provide you the best service.Hit free trial button now!

  • Photoshop Composite and Manipulation:

    We offer also Photoshop compositing and image manipulation services. That means creating some fictional creations with Photoshop. You can use for posters, campaigns, and digital marketing. You tell us the theme, demands.