Photoshop Image Masking

Image masking has many types of uses. Some advanced uses for background removal are discussed here. For soft edges of an image like human hair, furry clothes, doll etc. photo masking technique is applied in combination with the clipping path technique to remove or replace the background of the photo. For hard edges clipping path technique is used, for the furry or soft edge masking is used. In the situation, where it cannot be possible to grab more accurate details of soft edges with the clipping path technique alone, photo masking method is called upon to isolate the object from the background.

Another method we apply for the product or object that has closest colored background to that of object color. To separate the product from background with natural soft edges we use Pen Tablet (Wacom). With this method we can easily blend the hard area and the soft area. Accuracy of the product edge blending depends on the airbrush size and sketching pressure. Before on-boarding as a customer, you can try us for free. Hit the free trial button below!

  • Photoshop Image Masking Service Categories:

    Layer Masking:

    High-quality manual Photoshopping by hand. Masks are applied directly to layer using soft & refined edge with the pen tablet. Use it to remove background or isolate the object. Price may vary based on complexity & time needed.
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  • Alpha channel Masking:

    Separating object from background, we save it as Alpha Channel to edit brightness, contrast, exposure, etc. later. Its file size is lighter for uploading/downloading. Single colored background is perfect for this photo masking.

  • Fur & Hair Masking:

    Separate hair & fur from background, pen tablet for soft edge, etc. If needed, we apply color, brightness, contrast, exposure correction, etc. to make objects natural. Photo Masking is more effective than clipping path on hair.

  • Refine Edge Masking:

    Selecting an image by Quick Selection tool in Photoshop, we apply Layer Mask & Refine Radius tool to make the soft edge. It makes hair, fur, furry doll, blanket, fabrics, animals, trees, etc. images more natural.

  • Transparent object Masking:

    The objects glass, car glass, regular spectacles, glass bottle, water, etc. have 0%-5% opacity & light can pass through it. To retain transparency & make visible color or background through objects, this making is applied.

  • Translucent object Masking:

    Sunglasses, frosted glass & paper, plastic bottle, fabrics like muslin, bridal veil, etc. are translucent objects with 5%-100% opacity get the service. Little light pass through the objects & images are fuzzy to identify.

  • Object Masking:

    In Object masking, unsuitable part of an image is selected with the quick selection tool and then removed by applying masking using the layer mask. Object masking is very much useful for removing deformations of images.