When your best shot image needs extra appeal, High End Photo Retouching becomes crucial. Wedding photographs, ads in magazines, photos for fashion publications or luxury magazines, real estate photographs, and a lot of other photographs require this high-end retouching service. During regular retouching, you lose a lot of details in pixels, but in high end portrait and beauty retouching, you may need non-destructive photo retouching to get a more natural looking photos. High End Photo Retouching is the most advanced type of retouching technique that involves analyzing, contouring, removing imperfections, smoothing textures, dodging and burning, and many more. The traces of retouching in the final output is relatively untraceable. In most cases, it is performed with Pen Tablets (Wacom), sophisticated imaging technology, advanced Photoshop tools, and most of all precious attention, effort, and time of a professional retoucher. Such high end service requires sweat, but has sweet return. One single retouching work requires more than an hour of very attentive and detailed work. That’s why our professional high end retouching service is one of our most expensive services. However, as our base price is very competitive, therefore we can provide the best quality at the best price in the market. The biggest challenge for a photographer, is spending time, attention, and energy on retouching images. But, it is always best to outsource your time, attention, and energy to a company that can ensure peace of mind by providing better retouching solution with sophisticated retouching techniques and technologies. Are we that solution? Well, you don’t have to believe our words or the sample pictures below. You be the judge. Send us images for a free trial.

  • High End Photo Retouching Service Categories:

    Wacom-based Non-destructive Retouching:

    This service is must gain high-end quality photos keeping the natural texture unchanged in a non-destructive way. It helps to maintain natural color shedding, photo dimension, tones, etc. and brings the best outputs.
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  • High End Beauty Retouching & Digital Airbrushing:

    It makes a model look younger, healthier, slimmer, and glamorous by removing wrinkles, bags, spots, skin smoothing, whitening teeth & eyes, re-shaping body, face, nose, chin, etc. It is also important for digital makeover.

  • High End Photo Restoration:

    When old photos are restored, you loose a lot of detail. But with high end photo restoration you can dramatically reduce the loss in details. We use many sophisticated techniques and tools to restore photos.

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Blending & Retouching:

    HDR Photography Blending and Retouching is one of our specialty services. Whether it is a wedding, real estate, interior or product photo, we help you to blend the best photo from various exposures and contrasts.